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Plourr was at the battle of Endor where she was a mechanic on the Mon Calamari flagship Home One. Even though the Alliance won, it suffered tremendous losses in starfighter pilots and Plourr's natural talent was discovered as the search for new pilot candidates went on. Despite her flying ability, no commander wanted to take her and her attitude on until Captain Wedge Antilles recognized her as an excellent pilot and recuited her into Rogue Squadron.

She was born Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo of Eiattu, who had to flee her home planet as a child after a coup d'etat was staged and her entire family was executed by nobles. Much of her rough exterior is meant to hide her insecurities and the wounds left by being the only survivor of the massacre; by hearing her father and two sisters tortured and murdered, and by being forced to kill her traitorous younger brother in order to escape. She doesn't talk about it much. Plourr was raised by a variety of technicians in space garages across the galaxy, where she learned both her piloting skills and her infamous zeal for mechanics treating her X-wing just right.

Since entering Milliways, she has returned to Eiattu, where she left the Rogues to reclaim the throne, and has chafed under the responsibilities, stresses, and constraints of being a princess and ruling a planet. She matured some, astonishingly enough, and married Count Rial Pernon, who she was betrothed to as a very young child. The marriage started off rocky and only happened out of Plourr's sense of duty, but everything slowly changed. She bounced back and forth between Rogue Squadron and Eiattu for a time, but she resigned her commission as a lieutenant in the New Republic Starfighter Command, and is a full-time planetary ruler.

Second civil war of Eiattu IV:
The throne engaged in a bloody civil war with Eiattu's nobles. In fact, reports of Rial's death (greatly exaggerated) in a bomb set by the Priamsta were what brought her home in the first place. The war was ugly and prolonged over several months, and after the flattening of Nental and scores of other cities and villages, the throne received a break and smashed the backbone of the resistance. In a last-ditch attempt to seize control of the planet, the Priamsta kidnapped the princess.

The good count received warning of it, but it still hurt like hell to receive the nobles' demands, while at the same time, in the jungles, the princess was rebuffing every chance given her to acquiesce to those same demands. Rial made a demand in response, but it hurt more than it helped. He did everything he could, down to giving potential solutions that the princess would hate, but in the end, everything came down to the princess herself (even if afterward, she would never admit to needing rescuing).

Life took its time returning to normal, after that. Or as close to normal as things come for Plourr and Rial, anyway (it includes purple crumple-horned snorkacks, thak races, and lots of charters, dinners, and politics). They were coronated and officially took the throne several months later.

These days, her title is Empress Isplourrdacartha Imarco Estillo, but really.

Call her Plourr.

In mid-February '07, Plourr found out that she was pregnant. Nobody died. (Yet.) She had a baby in November '07; Princess Ianna Estillo-Pernon is small, redheaded, very loud, and charming the pants off of people wherever she goes.

Plourr comes into the Bar past the last bit of canon that ever mentions her, Mandatory Retirement. That means, you guessed it, we're in uncharted waters, folks.

Note on PB's:
Icons are of Plourr from the comics, as well as of Mariska Hargitay, Maureen O'Hara, and Eve Salvail. Her face looks most like Hargitay's, but she is definitely not a dead ringer for any of the real women.


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