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[OOM] Eiattu - Royal Apartments

The gathered advisors and aides look very, very wary and are very, very hesitant when Isplourrdacartha calls them inside; they saw the emperor's expression and his bloody mouth when he stormed out. It isn't difficult to put two and two together, particularly after noticing the unnatural bent to two of the empress's fingers.

The look that she skewers the admiral on when the older woman asks if she is alright is more than enough to prevent any further questions.

Plourr finishes the meeting.

Afterward, the admiral pulls her aside and requests further discussion of the speculative points of the Kuati shipyards' bid; she says that she knows that the empress is terribly busy, but asks if the empress will walk a ways with her and debate it.

It isn't til they're nearly right on top of the infirmary door that Plourr recognizes Admiral Almied's diabolical genius; she stops and lowers her eyebrows at the officer, but Almied only smiles and bids her farewell.

Plourr takes the hint.
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It's an hour or so after dark when Rial gets home. It's been raining softly but steadily for about that amount of time as well, and he stamps mud off his boots before pulling them off in the little entrance hall.

There's a rather spectacular bruise blossoming on his jawbone, and he's damp from the wet. His expression is still closed off, quiet, deliberately blank.

He doesn't call Plourr's name, but checks through every room. When he doesn't find Plourr or Ianna he goes to the bedroom, showers quickly, and changes.

Expression exactly the same as when he walked in the door, he goes to his easel - currently sitting in the living room - takes out his paints and brushes, and sets to work.
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Rial smiles quietly, pausing for just a moment before continuing his work, long easy brushstrokes and the slow drawing out a huge, vaulted room.

His hand only falters very, very slightly when he realizes who must be bringing his daughter.
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"Yeah," Rial says, and puts his brush down, turning to scoop her from Plourr's arms. It's impossible for the unreadable expression to stay on his face and he smiles, soft and crooked, brushing a finger over Ianna's cheek and shaking his head slightly when she grabs at it.

She burbles happily and he joggles her up into a more comfortable position, one where his own damp hair is slightly less within reach of happily grasping fingers.

He doesn't say anything, not quite yet. But he's not angry, not anymore.

He's quite sure of that.
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"Hey, angel." Rial's pretty happy to have her blowing raspberries against her neck, to be honest. It's a little slice of normality in the lunacy that's been the day so far.

He could wait for Plourr, but he doesn't. Instead, he goes to lean against the kitchen door, watching her wordlessly, gaze drawn like a magnet to her fingers.
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"Okay," he says. His voice is soft, half-gentle, like her hand on his shoulder. Different.

He leads the way, Ianna giggling to herself on his shoulder, occasionally waving a chubby little hand at Plourr, and sits down on the couch with his legs propped up on an ottoman. Ianna is transferred to his lap (where she instantly manages to find the only wet drop of paint on his shirt and smear her fingers happily through it), and he looks over at Plourr, his whole attitude one of quiet apology.

"I'm sorry, my princess."
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His smile is lopsided, although that might be more to do with the ice then with any particular conflict of emotion. Indicating her splinted fingers with a wave of his hand, he says "Looks like my jaw got back at you, anyway."

Seriously, though, one hand stealing out to very lightly rest over her knee, he meets her eyes. "I'm sorry for what I said. I should never have - that was inexcusable. Completely."

And he means it, too - it's written all over him.
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Rial closes his eyes, for a moment, that lopsided smile curls up the edges of his lips just a little bit more. "Of course it is. We're a hardheaded bunch."

His hand squeezes her knee and he shuts his eyes again, quietly and absently playing with Ianna's hair. "Hey, it's a survival instinct. Talk under pressure."

This feels better. Plourr's being herself, maybe a little quieter, little more gentle then usual, but still Plourr. Still his princess, not a wild-eyed and angry warrior woman who he hopes, in a deep part of himself, he doesn't see again. They're together, and apologies have been made, in the soft light of the living room with ice cold against his cheek and Plourr's knee warm against his hand, he thinks that this is what makes things right, these days. Family.

Just knowing that at the end of all things, it's still him, and Plourr, and Ianna.

The smile is softer, now, and maybe somehow more real then before.

"And besides," he says, squeezing her knee once more. "You love me for it."

I love you.
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"She's got paint on her hands," Rial warns, but willingly trades off, scooping Ianna up and depositing her, babbling excitedly, in her mother's lap.

Reaching a hand up to grasp the icepack, glances sideways at Plourr. "Where'd you take her?"
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Rial grins somewhat sheepishly, ducking his head and reaching over with his non-busy hand to grab the rainjacket, hanging it over the arm of the couch.

"I don't think they count as hiding spots anymore if both of you know about them." Not that Ianna's going to remember, but still.

"Did you eat dinner?"
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"There's a surprising lack of decent food in the jungle," Rial notes, but gets up and starts to wander towards the com. "We should fix that."

Teach the wild thaks to cook!

"Do you want anything as well?"
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"Right." He ignores the second part of her comment long enough to order, then turns back, arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah. I went out for a walk." A very long one.
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Rial avoids her eyes for a moment, shifting on the balls of his feet. "I had a comlink. And a holdout blaster. You know the thuvasaurs aren't actually rabid, right?"

Ignoring the fact that his holdout blaster is a tiny thing designed for hastily wounding or possibly killing an unarmed assailant, he feels that he was actually pretty safe. He's been through those jungles since he was a child, knows the dangers and accepts the risks when he needs to.

Ianna gets a soft grin and a quiet chuckle, and Rial goes to move closer to Plourr, pulling a small face at his daughter.
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"Three bites," Rial protests, measuring his chest with his hands. "Maybe four."

Ignoring Plourr's fist smacking into his shoulder (not particularly hard, it must be said), he grins and shakes his head. "Or I could just take you."

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