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[OOM] Eiattu - Palace Conference Room

"Thank you, Zema," says the empress. She can be gracious, when she needs to be; when she wants to be. Zema's a sweet kid (kid, she's older than Plourr is), sharp, knows her shavit, gave the facts short and sweet -- just the way Plourr likes it. "We've got a lot to discuss. This is one hell of a lot of money, people; the contract's got to go to the right shipyard. For now, though--"

Plourr leans back in her chair at the informal table.

"Take five."

A ripple of chuckles moves through the assembled advisors and aides, and then the low rumble of conversation lurches to life.

Plourr turns in her chair, arm tossed casually across the back, and props a boot up on Rial's knee. "Kuat's sounding more and more like they're lagging behind in the competition."
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"Well, they've had it good for a long time." Rial doesn't make a move to shift the boot, just settles with his hands behind his head. "Set in their ways, maybe, not bothering to keep up with fresh ideas. Their loss."

He's got something on his mind, though, his datapad is blank without even a hint that he's actually been researching shipyards.

"Listen, Plourr, I've been thinking about something."
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"Uh," Rial says, and grins weakly. "Not really? Not unless our daughter owns a shipyard."

Which would, frankly, be pretty astounding at her age barring any crazy inheritance or anything.

"But to be fair, it's about Eiattu. And Ianna. Plourr, we need to make a decision regarding her status as heir to the throne."
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"," he admits, after a moment. But his eyes aren't leaving her own, and his expression is sincere.

"But we've both been so busy lately - if not now, it's just going to keep being forgotten and ignored."
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"Plourr," he says in almost the exact same tone, folding his arms in front of his chest.

"You've been avoiding this for a while now, the cabinet meeting's going to have to wait."

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People are starting to look over discreetly, Rial doesn't really care.

"You're the empress, you can make it the time and place for this."

He sighs, but sharply, through his nose. "Plourr."
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Rial tosses up his hands in the air and turns away, starting to shift the chair back so that it faces the roomful of people.
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Rial's never seen a roomful of people move out that quickly after a meeting, but hey. He's not complaining.

Instead he shifts the chair back so that it's facing Plourr and sits down, crossing one leg over the other.

"Thank you."
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His gaze is completely calm. In fact, too calm - Plourr knows his expressions by now, she should recognize his 'talking-to-enraged-nobles' face by now.

"Ianna needs to be recognized as heir to the throne."

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Rial doesn't really do the angry, snarling, shouting kind of anger that a lot of people do (Plourr included). That said, there's definitely a look in his eyes and when he leans back to fold his arms over his chest, he's tense as anything.

"Did you hear me say, at any point, that it was the only reason she was born? I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that we need to be responsible about this. If something happens to us, there's no direct heir. We need the stability. Eiattu needs the stability. This isn't about what you experienced or what's best for you, this is about what's best for our world."

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Rial shoves his chair away, getting up and turning his back on Plourr. It's easy to see, when he's angry, what a kriffing big guy he is.

Turning back, after a moment, still a good few feet away, he crosses his arms again. "And that's only worth so much. We rule the planet, Isplourrdacartha, if something happens-" he waves a hand in a tight, irritated motion, "-and she doesn't want to then we change it. I'm not saying that she has to do this, but we cannot take chances."

His eyes are flashing, now, and he gestures with his words, voice almost getting quieter as he speaks. This is Rial's way of being pissed off, and Plourr should know it. "And I doubt you can tell me honestly that most of this is not coming from what happened to you as a child."

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Rial's hands clench into fists for one brief but noticeable second. His jaw is clenched, it takes a few moments for him to speak again and he's angry, clearly angry.

"And how is that any kriffing different then what people told you, told me after the coup? Your body was never found, we as good as knew you were still out there. And since you had the claim to the throne and I was still betrothed to you, they put the weight on me to learn how to be a decent ruler so that I could cover for your ass when and if you came back. And I dealt with it."

Rial gets quiet the more his temper flares, and that last sentence is practically hissed. "I think I came out decently, in the end. She'll manage as well. She's not a kriffing doll."

He strides forward. He's close, in her space, angry and determined. Every inch of his body is screaming intimidation.

"And I won't see this planet in the hands of those who would do her wrong just because someone was too cowardly to make a decision for the good of someone other then her own."
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Rial wasn't expecting that.

That said, he's big, and strong, and though it snaps his head back and makes him stagger he stays standing, shaking his head briefly, moving a step or two out of Plourr's space.

His expression, when he looks at her, is unreadable. One thing's for sure, the fight's gone out of him completely, and he looks almost smaller.

There's copper-blood in his mouth, bittersweet and grounding him easily. There's pain flaring at the side of his jaw, and where his teeth have cut into the side of his cheek. There's the familiar, light-headed feeling of adrenaline racing through him.

She didn't pull this punch.

He breaks eye contact to turn and spit blood onto the ground by his feet. Then he raises his head, meeting her eyes, and offers one tiny, reserved bow.


Then he's walking back towards the door, back towards her stiff and right with emotions, with anger and betrayal and gnawing, painful guilt.

And then he's gone.