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It's a nice day out by the lake, unlike on Eiattu.

(Plourr loves her planet fiercely, but the rain season is not her favorite time of year.)

The sun is shining, the breeze is light and warm; light sparkles off the lake. Ianna, seven months wise as of 0537 this morning, is sitting on a blanket (several blankets; extra padding for when she inevitably falls on her face. Plourr likes to say she inherited Rial's sense of gravity), propped up by several pillows that look suspiciously like the ones that are usually on the couch by the fireplace inside the bar. She's wearing a very fine floppy hat over her bright red hair, the hat secured under her chin with elastic, and she's currently squinting at her mother, a handful of ripped-up grass clutched in one small fist.

To be fair, a lot of people would probably be squinting at Plourr right now. She's dressed for an audience, her only concession to the nice day the removal of her long-sleeved outer tunic, and she's doing push-ups in the grass. Swift, sharp push-ups with military precision, to be exact. Life's a little busy, these days. You exercise when you get a free minute, or you don't at all. Plourr has worked hard to get back to the shape she was in before a certain princess turned everything upside down and inside out; she isn't about to let that all that effort (or these biceps) go to waste.

"Naga hada hoo?" asks Ianna, opening her fist and letting grass rain down on her chubby legs.

"Yeah," Plourr grunts, barely out of breath as she levers herself up and down. "You said it, Monster."

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"I'm actually surprised you don't have the baby on your back. The extra pressure might make you fitter." The voice is dry and bold as usual, Plourr might not be able to make out the teasing in it. There's nothing like insinuating that your friend has 'let herself go'. Hopefully Plourr won't punch her, though it would at least make life more interesting.

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Certainly she was in better shape than Aeryn both mentally and physically. None of her muscles had softened, but she was developing the sinewy look favoured by stressed women who don't age gracefully.

"Around." The usual answer too, a slight shifting of the eyes out to to the distance around the lake. She'd never gotten used to making excuses.

"Your youngling is looking well." She was showing concern; isn't that nice!

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"Men have a way of leading to this particular problem." She explained, with a wry tilt of her mouth and a stern look at Ianna.

"I am not your Auntie." Said with complete confidence. "I will consent to being your personal trainer, of course."

Reaching for the baby, Aeryn tickled her fat little arms. Her smile finally blossomed, along with a short laugh.

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"As long as I don't have to pretend to know what she's saying."

The bar translated many alien dialects but apparently not this one. Baby talk would forever be a mystery. Truth be told, babies un-nerved Aeryn, reminded her of Andrei and the past and the future, timelines so confused that who knew when they'd be sorted out. She was less interested in Ianna than in Plourr, fixing her eyes on the fighter pilot.

"Do you miss flying?"

[OOC: Kyle and I may be handwaving Aeryn back into canon which case this can take place before that handwave XD]

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"Specially fitted baby seat?" She quirked her brows at Plourr.

John had told her of such things, baby-proofing apartments and cars and practically everything else. Aeryn thought that teaching your baby not to be un-intelligent about where it put it's hands, was a much safer method.

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"It's better for her to learn young." Her mouth was a grim, tight line; impossible to tell if she's joking. She was.

For some reason, Aeryn found it easy to convince people she was raised in a strict, military environment that forced their young into fighter craft. Still, Ianna was too young even by Peacekeeper standards. She'd need stilts to reach the pedals.

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"That's definitely something you want her learning." Another hint of sarcasm, Aeryn leant over to stare at the child, blue-grey eyes fixed on large round baby ones.

"Now I can't figure out if she's a fighter, or just impatient."

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"She's got her whole life to train for that."

Her brow furrowed as she straightened her back. Actually Aeryn figured once the child was old enough she'd rebel against anything Plourr actually wanted for her and run away.

She didn't think quiet obedience was in the Estillo genes.

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"She's not your heir?"

There wasn't a lot she knew about royalty. What she was aware of was all protocol and breeding, snobbery and forcing their children into something they didn't want.

She thought better of Plourr. Marriage, children; they have a way of making things complicated and the Peacekeeper was no longer sure of her friend.

Testing the water seemed sensible.

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"Problems with Rial?" A pause. She kept it succinct and without emotion, careful not to offend.

"Or the royal family?"

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"She's your daughter."

Perhaps unwisely, Aeryn had less concern about offending her friend this time.
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Arms folded, she stayed silent for a moment. Contemplated what to say - how best to explain what she meant.

"I never knew my mother --" Not even the destroyed version of the woman she'd had a chance to meet. "-- we were bred as soldiers, that was our duty. No choice in the matter. Taken from our parents, who were little more than cattle chosen to birth us. They had no say in our upbringing."

It took great strength to talk about her past like this, open up for no reason other than the hurt look (no matter how adept she thought she was at hiding it) in Plourr's eyes.

"I want you to understand. I loved my life. I never knew anything different. When I went with John, I began to understand. The things I had been forced to sacrifice; missed out on. I don't think choice should be a luxury."

Her gaze fell on Ianna. "I wanted better for my children."

It went without saying that the thought included Plourr's. The only children she would instantly try to love solely on the merit of their existence, barring her own.

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Aeryn, surprised even at herself, broke out into a full-faced grin.

"You make a wonderful mother."

It was easy to strip her voice of sarcasm, laying to rest any doubts. Plourr was happy; she had her family and she was doing a good job of it.

Plourr was lucky.

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Plourr's lucky that Ianna wasn't crying. Natural instinct in that case would probably be 'throw' or 'kill'. Sometimes it was necessary to suppress natural instincts in order to keep a friend sweet.

So Aeryn took a seat, narrowing her eyes at the tiny baby face now in front of hers. Her grip was steady and she'd never drop the baby on purpose. Ironically enough, Ianna was in safe hands.

"Is this going to be a regular occurrence?" Aeryn asked with a hint of wry amusement.