fighting_mad: (long - fierce laughter)
Plourr Estillo ([personal profile] fighting_mad) wrote2008-04-26 11:12 pm

[OOM] Eiattu - Royal Apartments

Plourr's teal dress is long and slinky, perfectly fitted to every prodigious Estillo curve. It's a halter top with a moderately-deep V in the front, along with a lacy touch or two at the bust, and a low back, and while it's (very) flattering, it also showcases more of her cleavage, her muscled shoulders, her back, and the general fabulousness of her breasts than the court finds appropriate. The scandal-factor may or may not be why she chose the dress. Her grin is flashing bright.

This may have something to do with the mostly-finished glass of wine in her hand (when you are empress, you can steal the serving-ware), and the number of glasses that came before it. This may also just be due to the anecdote that Rial has just told. You never know.

She's laughing as she steps through the door, holding up the skirt of her dress in her other hand, the color high in her face.

"That," she says, "is not true. The ambassador never told you that he wears women's clothing and traipses around in high heels."

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