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[OOM] Eiattu - Royal Apartments

Plourr's teal dress is long and slinky, perfectly fitted to every prodigious Estillo curve. It's a halter top with a moderately-deep V in the front, along with a lacy touch or two at the bust, and a low back, and while it's (very) flattering, it also showcases more of her cleavage, her muscled shoulders, her back, and the general fabulousness of her breasts than the court finds appropriate. The scandal-factor may or may not be why she chose the dress. Her grin is flashing bright.

This may have something to do with the mostly-finished glass of wine in her hand (when you are empress, you can steal the serving-ware), and the number of glasses that came before it. This may also just be due to the anecdote that Rial has just told. You never know.

She's laughing as she steps through the door, holding up the skirt of her dress in her other hand, the color high in her face.

"That," she says, "is not true. The ambassador never told you that he wears women's clothing and traipses around in high heels."
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Rial is, naturally, in that lovely purple-and-gold dress uniform that's seen so much service over the years, and not in anything remotely slinky or scandalous. He doesn't mind that much, though, providing he can have all the slinky and scandalous he wants on his wife.

"No, no," he protests, one hand up and stabbing at the air, punctuating his sentence. "He did! I swear to the stars, he honestly did. Okay, to be fair, he'd slightly underestimated the strength of the brandy he was drinking, but he said it loud and clear."

A slight, disturbed look passes over his face. "Emphasis on loud. And clear."
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"Cross my heart," Rial says, but he's laughing now too and slipping up beside her, dropping a kiss to the back of her neck and resting his nose there for a moment, inhaling the scent of her hair, possibly resting his weight on her just a little.

"I'm not exactly sure. Everyone in the room, anyhow, so - that Bothan ambassador, uh, the Baron Samedi although if the rumors are to be believed, he likes that sort of thing as well, the Lady Syiena, the Countess Careii..."
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There's hair falling in his face, just a little, but he doesn't mind. He lets his lips graze over the skin at the base of her neck, moving upwards, almost nuzzling at this point.

"Mmm. You should've." His voice is low and murmuring against her skin, but he stops after a moment to whisper against her throat. "We should - mmm - take Ianna off Nynie's hands."
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Rial is totally pro at keeping his hands on Plourr. He'll joke that after all this time, the only way to keep her is to hold on tight, but really, it's just knowing how his hands fit nicely onto her body.

Ducking his head, he brushes her lips with a kiss, smirking slightly. "And we haven't had a couple minutes to ourselves all evening, have we?"
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Rial would answer, he really would, only he's a little bit busy being thoroughly kissed. And kissing back, of course, one hand wrapped around her shoulder and the other one drawing her tight against him, big palm spread out over her hip and holding.

He breaks for air for just a moment, long enough for a gasp and a low, startled, admiring, fierce whisper of "I love you" before he's kissing her again, the hand on her shoulder coming up to skate over her head, tangle in her hair.
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Rial's losing himself in this, in the almost-frantic feeling of grappling together with Plourr, his fingers catching on her elaborate hairdo, his hand pulling her in closer, tighter, until she's pressing on him and hooking a leg around his knee so that Rial is suddenly so very aware of his need, of the feeling of her lips on his with bruising force, her skin on his like they're burning with the contact, pressing into wanting needing more-

And there's a sound he knows very well, unfortunately, and it startles him into jumping slightly and yanking away from Plourr to twist and gaze wild-eyed over his shoulder.

A droid, her spidery metallic forearms crossed over her chest, stares back. As much as it's actually possible, she looks distinctly displeased.
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Rial manages to grin weakly, smoothing down the wrinkled front of his jacket and rubbing at the side of his jaw where he's fairly sure a lipstick mark is living. "Of course. She takes after...her, uh...parents."

Okay, so maybe not the best thing to say right now. "Um! You know what, I think we can take it from here. Thanks, Nynie, that was great."
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Rial shuts his eyes and leans his head against her own, sighing. "Well, that was awkward."

And if Nynie didn't quite ruin the mood, the familiar sounds of Ianna waking up and heartily protesting the lack of parental units attending to her needs right that second really, really does.
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"Of course she couldn't," Rial points out wryly, kicking off his shoes and loosening his collar as he follows her. "You do remember the part where she's our child, right?"

He swipes half-heartedly at his cheek, sticking his tongue out at her retreating back. "What, have I got a little unbearable handsomeness on my cheek?"
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"She gets it from you, more like," he retorts, and rubs at the lipstick. "Ah. Unbearably beautiful, in that case."

He steps up behind Plourr to peer at the back of his daughter's head, though, her hair sticking up in dramatic tufts as she sobs her frustrations with the world out onto her mother's shoulder.

"You miss us?" Rial asks quietly to the slightly squirming bundle of baby. It's weird to think how much she's already grown, and how much she still will. "Wanted to come to the party too, huh?"

Ianna, predictably, doesn't answer and Rial fishes for her stuffed bantha in the cot, absent-mindedly smoothing its mustache. "She need to be changed, do you think?"
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"'course we were," Rial says, grinning quietly. He's shifted around to the front of Plourr, now, leaning back against the crib. He's got the Gror-bantha tucked under one arm, but he's in no hurry to give it away. Right now, he's mostly occupied watching Plourr and Ianna.

His wife and his daughter. It still feels funny to say that, you know - took long enough getting used to 'his wife' even though he'd fantasized about it before. It was easier when the marriage became easier, of course, but still.

And his daughter. He says that one constantly, to himself, to the palace workers, to those he meets with. My daughter, he says, My daughter Ianna, and then always pauses a bit to savor the words.

The best part though, always, is combining them. And that's what he does now.

"You know," he says, after a minute or so has gone by and the bedroom is still again. His voice is all low and rough like it hasn't been since that first awkward night they met and he tried not to make a fool of himself.

"She's getting to be kriffing gorgeous, she is."

Then he pauses, and maybe shrugs a bit, drops a shoulder and can't seem to tear his eyes off the small body (and not even so small, anymore) before he speaks again.

"But then, she is our daughter." Half-laughing, like a quiet joke, and behind the words there's significance heavier then a crown.

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It snaps Rial out of his reverie, and he flicks at her shoulder, depositing the bantha in the crib. "Funny, now, I'd have thought it was the other way around." Because he so kicks Plourr's ass, haven't you noticed?

But he moves off the crib, stretching and moving forwards as if to kiss Plourr on the cheek. At the last moment he veers off, gives the baby a light peck on the top of the head, and grins saucily at Plourr.

"Now that she's almost asleep, feel like continuing where we left off?"
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"What can I say," he says, without the slightest trace of guilt. "I'm a pretty shameless guy."

And it's funny, really, because he never used to be. Plourr's been an excellent influence on him, no matter how much his parents might disagree.

When she turns from tucking Ianna in, Rial's right there, moving forward just enough, one big hand coming up and around to brush a stray, loose curl off her cheek. The other hand, if it's permitted to, is coming around to slide around her waist, those broad hips, and hold her close.

"But then, I think I got that from you."
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Well, she might not, but he does.

Rial bends forward that scant distance between them and kisses her rather soundly. When he finally breaks away, that grin is back in full-force, wide and amused and so very him.

"I'm quite sure you do, Madam Estillo-Pernon." The arm around her waist shifts briefly, and her bottom is very lightly smacked. "You taught me everything I know, after all."
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Rial is an excellent learner, always has been. And this - ahem - applies to all areas of expertise. He's come a long way from the first, fumbling, hugely embarrassing attempts at sex.

A long way, and yes, that's likely why he's smirking broadly, letting her tug him across the room. "Madam Estillo, then. And unless we're really unlucky, she'll never remember."

Of course, if they are unlucky...let's just say that his train of thought is running the same track as Plourr's.

"Anyway, we could take it somewhere else."
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Rial chokes.

Okay, so Plourr has rubbed off on him quite a bit. He doesn't embarrass half as easily as he used to, and while he might inwardly groan a bit at some of her more...colorful...turns of phrase, he is proud to say that he barely ever blushes.

Yeah, this isn't one of those times.

"Plourr," he says, torn between laughing and looking agonized. "What if she remembers?"
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"I-mmm." Rial leans into the kiss, deepens it for a moment, and pulls away a scant half-inch, voice low and warm and pleased. "Hey, I grew up in court. You could do pretty much what you wanted so long as you were silent about it, you didn't even need to be that discreet."

He kisses her again, lightly this time, just grazing the corner of her mouth. "Now, are we going to get to bed before you choke me?"
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That leaves his arms free for a moment, and he takes advantage of Plourr's nearness to set his hands on her hips, almost like the prelude to a dance. "Call me stubborn, but I like it the old-fashioned way."

And the door is over there, right over there. He presses lightly on her hips, starting to move in that direction.
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And Rial is most certainly taking advantage of it.

"Someone's got be grounded in this relationship," he says, half joking and half serious. The door's only a few feet away and he reaches out to swat at the button with one hand, guiding her over the threshold as it hisses open.

"Besides, I married you, didn't I?"
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"You just wait." He smirks at her, carefully maneuvering so that the backs of her knees are against the side of the bed. "I'll be an adrenaline junkie before you know it. And who knows what I'll do then?"

He bends forward to kiss her again, though, not particularly looking for an answer. After all, they've talked enough this evening, and she always was good at speaking without words.
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"I'm a bad man," Rial says, and his voice is all low and rough, hands groping over her shoulder to pull the dress down. His hair is hanging in his eyes and when he leans in to kiss her he thinks this moment couldn't be more perfect.

"Love you," he says, almost fiercely, claiming her. He's her's, she's his, they are each other's and it is explosively, beautifully perfect.