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Plourr is in what has become a normal position, these days -- sitting with reports and a datapad and a plate of dinner, Ianna in a carrier on the table, Plourr's hair tied back and a blaster at her hip.

She isn't doing much work, though, or eating much in the way of dinner. Instead, she has become distracted by a new game. It involves poking Ianna lightly in the belly, and then grinning like a maniac as Ianna laughs a big, delighted, baby laugh, beaming up at her.

Poke. Baby giggles. Proud beam.

Poke. Baby giggles. Proud beam.

The Estillo(-Pernon) women could go on like this all day.
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Finn sees Plourr pretty much immediately when he walks down with his sketchpad--she's tall, and one of his few friends, so it's not that surprising.

What is surprising, though, is the sound of a baby laughing. Sure, pregnant women tend to lead to babies, but Finn--isn't always good with cause and effect.

He standing by the table, shy.
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"Hi," he says, with an embarassed head-duck. "I--yes, I guess so? I'd--not realized she was born yet."

He's not so good at time. Or...remembering things. He does remember Plourr was going to have a girl, though!

"Hello," Finn tells the tiny girl quietly, with a half smile.
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Her hair is red, he notes as he sits down next to Plourr carefully, setting his sketchpad down on the floor. Her eyes have turned from the new-born blue to a shade of brown.

It's something.

"Finn dan Shahar, miss," he says, ducking his head to her with amused formality before stopping, and glancing up at Plourr questioningly.
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Finn does extend his hand and, quite as he expected, gets a finger latched on to.

He beams at her. "It's good to meet you too."

To Plourr: "What's her name?"
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"It's all right," he says, quietly, smiling still. "fingers are just strange things, especially when you don't realize people other than you've got them.

Ianna's a good name. What does it mean?"
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Finn's smile widens into a quick, sharply amused grin. Approving, too.

"A very good name."

The part of Finn dan Shahar that was once a lord of the wind is highly amused.
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He laughs quietly. "Come, now, I'm sure there're more amusing things than playing with my hand."

He brushes said hand softly, the look of wonder quick returning. Dari wasn't this small for very long at all.
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"Or not, Miss Ianna," he tells her, smiling and tickling her stomach gently.
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He grins over at Plourr, letting Ianna's hands whap softly against his own (his hand is well out of the way of the feet, though).

"I've -- always gotten along with the little ones. When my little brother was this small he'd fall for anyone willing to put a finger within pulling distance."

His grin's faded to a smile, but he glances back at the baby in the carrier, fond. "Don't cause too much trouble for your mom, just because I've been waking you all up, okay?"
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Finn ducks his head, amused. "You never know. I could be a horrible influence."

Really. He might...teach her how to knit! Or something like that. How terrifying.
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"Absolutely awful," Finn tells her, grinning embarassedly from the hair ruffling.

A boy needs to keep his street cred! Uh.

"That's very interesting, Miss Ianna," he adds to the little girl, in the sort of tone that says do go on.
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"Henry is here," he tells her, watching the little girl with a smile as she babbles. "Otherwise I would have gone exploring long ago. This world is very small."
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Finn glances over at her, surprised, before beaming.

"Really? I'll ask Henry, I'm sure he'll want to visit."

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"It'll be nice to see someplace new," he says, wistfully. "Even up-close.

"Thank you," Finn adds, "it's--cramped, here."
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Finn looks startled at the question.

"Dana brought me here," he says. "If I go back out my door I'll--meet Dari, before the walls of the Weaver's Halls."

And his fingers which he'd been playing absent-mindedly with Ianna fall still, letting her grab them.

"I do not know. But I don't think Dana would give me life just to take it away. That isn't like her--this gift already's taken its price. Another world, a world that's not hers? It shouldn't matter, I don't think."
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Finn nods carefully, gently disentangling his fingers from the little one's grasp.

(He's doesn't trust himself to know what will work for him, but he can try fot Plourr, Rial, Ianna, and Henry's sakes.

And if things don't work out, he misses Dari fiercely so what is the ill in that?)

"Is--Rial doing...well?"
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Finn distracts her with his fingers again, though he still keeps them carefully out of the grasping reach. "Sorry, little one, I'd no wish for my fingers to be pinched straight off."

"I do not handle being bored well," he says, watching the little girl with a fond smile as she cheers up again, "so I cannot say I envy him the task."
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"Messages?" Finn tilts his head to look at her, confused. "Through a messenger, you mean?"
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Finn gives it a long, assessing stare.

"Like the signals that go through the air?"

It is highly disturbing when you are flying through a world and, given your ability to understand everything on the wind, are hit with radio broadcasts. It took Finn a while to learn how to tune them out.
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Finn nods.

He is not Henry, so there is no trying to take it apart to see how it works. He is content that Plourr says it does.

"Leila would be very jealous, I think."
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"--Oh," Finn says, startled. "She's Leila? I--she's my best friend. Was, I guess. Pw--Paul Schafer told me that she is the High Priestess of Dana, now. She doesn't take no for an answer, and she used to beat people up a lot."

That seems like the relevant information on Leila.

"I--she was my best friend, you know."

He shrugs, and doesn't say he misses her.
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"I'm not" Finn says, grinning over at her, "surprised."
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"I just think you'd like her," he shrugs. "You're a lot like Jaelle, and they got along really well. Sometimes when people are a lot alike they don't, I think, but they did, so."
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"Sorry," he says, embarassed. "Um, she used to be the High Priestess? She was when I was a kid. She's married to Paul Schafer now, he comes here. She does too, I think, but I've not seen her."