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[OOM] Eiattu - Royal Apartments

It's been an insane couple of weeks.

No, make that it's been an insane Couple of Weeks.

Things tend to take on extra capital letters, Plourr and Rial have discovered, when there is a newborn baby involved.

There were celebrations (public) and meetings (private; only Rial's parents and the pair's few close, trusted friends on-planet were invited to see the new baby princess), and a whole lot of sleeping (on both mother and daughter's parts).

Sleeping has definitely become less easy, in the last two weeks. These are two monarchs--two monarchs who are leaving the majority of their duties to Count Gror Pernon and the Royal Cabinet for another week at least--with tired faces and dark circles under their eyes. They are doing this themselves, despite the grand royal tradition of nannies and maids, and it is beginning to show.

Baby Princess Ianna Estillo-Pernon, cute and pudgy as she may be with a head of red-orange hair growing in, has revealed herself to be something of a screamer, even by the ordinary high standards of newborns.

Bleary-eyed and half-dressed, Plourr sighs, carefully shouldering the nursery door open, mindful of the crying bundle in her arms. "You never give it a rest, do you, you monster?" she asks, her voice low and rough with sleep. The room is well-lit by the twin full moons, visible through the open window, and Plourr briefly glances out at the way that the light glitters on the ocean's dark waves before she settles in to the comfortable armchair, and the more pressing matters at hand.

Meanwhile, Ianna appears to be trying to breastfeed and cry simultaneously.
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They've gotten good at taking shifts, so when Plourr gets up this time Rial grins vaguely into the pillow and falls straight back asleep.

When, some time later, he wakes up to snuffling cries and Plourr's voice, hoarse and tired, he contemplates getting up to check if he can do anything. The contemplation takes a while, and when, at the end of that she still hasn't shushed, he slowly begins the process of prying himself out of bed.

Meanwhile, Ianna hiccups, considers quieting, and then turns up the volume again, waving tiny fists.
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"Hey." Rial's finally pulled himself out of bed, and is leaning against the doorframe, watching the two. A lot of nights seem to end up like this, one or the other or both of them pacing and trying to calm Ianna down long enough for her to drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, she seems to have been born without that particular need, and it's way harder then it sounds.

"You want me to try?"
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Rial holds up his hands in an unspoken gesture of surrender. "Okay, Plourr. Just trying to help and get us both a little sleep."

There's a chair in the corner of the room. He flops into it and watches his wife silently, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"How long has she been up?"
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"Doesn't need to be changed, does she?"

He's got his eyes closed, tired but not planning on sleeping until she quiets down again.
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"Maybe it's your singing that's doing it," he says, but the edge of humor that's supposed to be there really isn't. It's been a long night. It's been a long week, hell, everything since she's been born has been long. And it's not that it's not rewarding, seeing her when she's asleep and snuggled up to something, or when she's just quiet and peering at things in that vaguely unfocused way she has, it's just tiring. And hard.

"Listen," he says finally, and he thinks he might get beaten down for this but they both need sleep and this isn't helping at all. "Just let me try really quickly, Plourr, this isn't going anywhere. It's okay."
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Rial decides that he's not even going to try and respond to that, attention focused on the tiny bundle in his arms. Ianna whines and hiccups, crying toning itself down slightly as she adjusts to the feeling of new arms around her, and then climbing back up into the earsplitting scale.

Rial just holds her though, for a moment, letting her scream all she wants. He remembers being ten, almost eleven, and holding Plourr in his arms - she'd been fussing, thinking about crying, and her mother had passed her off to him for a moment while she went to find a bottle. He'd held her carefully like she might break, and she'd thought about it for a moment before opening her mouth and yelling angrily up at him.

It's really not that different now, and he suspects she's crying just for the sake of crying. Holding her a little closer, letting her thrash against his chest, he leans down to look at her face.

"You can stop any time," he says mildly, then settles back to wait.
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Rial breathes a not-so-quiet sigh of relief as the volume of her crying goes down, smoothing a hand over her head. With luck, she'll sleep now, and not wake them up for a while.


Whispering, trying not to disturb her, "You want to put her to bed?"
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Rial gives it a minute or so before getting up as well, wandering after Plourr. He pauses only once to turn the light all the way off before following her path into the bedroom.

He pauses, a moment, just inside the door to watch them together. Sometimes he thinks he's never seen something more beautiful.
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Ianna looks like she's considering protest - a tiny fist waves vaguely, and she opens her mouth - but the possible scream becomes a yawn and she squirms slightly before her eyes close all the way.

Rial smiles from where he is, watching them, arms crossed over his chest. Doesn't say anything, almost afraid to break the moment.
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"It's the most action I can get these days," Rial says, dry as anything before pushing off the wall and moving towards her.

"I'm not sure if I should be jealous of the baby or not."
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Rial knows a little more Huttese (mostly thanks to her) then he used to, and so maybe there's a quick flush. He's way less innocent then he used to be, doesn't mean that sometimes seeing her so frank makes him want to sputter.

"I'm learning that now, take my word for it." He settles a hand on her hip and kisses her lightly, sweetly, glancing over her shoulder to where the bassinet is. To where his daughter is.

"And hey, it's not a bad thing to want, in the scheme of things."
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"You should sleep," he says, soft and curling a hand around her back, warm against her skin. Ianna half-arches her back, mouth opening and closing for a moment before she settles down again. Dreaming, maybe. It still makes Rial smile gently.

And then he tugs at her, lightly. "C'mon."
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It is.

It means that when Rial sneaks under the blankets he doesn't stay on a particular side, just snuggles up to the middle as well, taking this opportunity to plant cold feet on her back by twisting artistically. "G'night."
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His response is simple - a sharp wince, a faint, smug grin, and the feet migrate to another part of the bed, somewhere far away from her.

Perhaps an apology, perhaps not.

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"You love me anyway," he says, still content and smug and one hand reaching out to find her fingers. It's probably safe, he thinks, she's too tired to actually follow through on the breaking-fingers threat.

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"Of course you do."

Rial runs his fingers over the back of her hand, tracing little nonsense patterns thoughtfully. He loves this, this right here when it's just the two of them in bed curled around each other, but the knowledge that their daughter is sleeping beside them makes that little protective spark inside him into a flame. It always feels so right.

"Utterly gorgeous." He maneuvers the hand around carefully so that he can press a kiss to her knuckles, and smiles into the dark. "Utterly kriffing gorgeous."
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"You're saying you only keep around for my looks, aren't you." Beat. "That's okay."

He shifts back a little so that her foot (her cold foot) isn't resting on his other calf, and yawns as well. Must be contagious.

Sleepily, "Will do."
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"'s a nice ass. Royal ass."

That smile's not quite going away, even if it becomes a rather smug if tired grin.
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"You do, apparently."

But then, of course, Ianna starts to scream and Plourr mumbles into Rial's shoulder and Rial cracks his eyes open, already moving to get up.

Just another night in the Pernon-Estillo household.