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Mirrorverse AU

Isplourrdacartha is cold.

That's the first thought in her mind.

The second is 'sunlight,' and the third (unrelated to points one or two) is '...ow.'

But it isn't like the movies; she doesn't forget where she is and what has happened until she rolls over and finds herself face-to-face with the man of her dreams. She remembers from the first second that she is awake, and it brings a smile to her face despite thoughts one through three.

She slowly opens her eyes.

She is curled on her side in Rial's enormous bed. The curtains are open and the late afternoon sun streams in; the blankets are down somewhere around her feet and she wears only her bra and the first pair of shorts she'd been able to find, which, judging by the fact that they're falling off of her, don't actually belong to her.

Her eyes flick up at a quiet breath.

She is curled against Rial, her forehead inches from his bare chest. His hair has flopped into his face and he breathes slow, deep and even. He looks his age like this; young and carefree. She wants to reach out and brush his hair back, but she doesn't want to wake him, and she settles for smiling like the sun because she is in Rial's bed and they damn well consumated their marriage this morning.

And Force but it was good.

Slowly, carefully she stretches down to pick up the blankets--and she winces mightily as she does so, because that is painful, but a good sort of pain, a satisfied one--and pull them up over the two of them.
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Rial wakes slowly.

Actually, he wakes quickly, the way he always does. But he doesn't really move and when he opens his eyes thoughtfully to see Isplourr, he smiles. It's kind of faint, and sleepy still, like he's not exactly focusing just yet, but it's a smile all the same.

"Good morning."
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"...afternoon," he says, and adjusts his mind suitably. "It's fine, I was waking up."

He brings a hand up to scrub thoughtfully at his eyes, blinking at her with something like fascination. He's woken up next to women before, of course, it's just never quiet felt like this. He can't even place the feeling, only knows that it reminds him of getting into his X-wing after a few days of leave, feeling the old seat under him and knowing exactly what he had to do. Or coming back to a familiar bunk, or-

comfortable is the word that finally swims up from his mind, and he knows it's the one that fits. This feels oddly right, like he just sort of belongs here.

So the smile grows a little more, and he stretches, yawning widely. "Did you sleep well?"

After, he means.
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He peers at her, smile forgotten in something approaching concern.

"Are you alright?"
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There's a thoughtful pause, and then Rial leans forward to do just that.

When they break apart, he leaves a hand on the side of her cheek, the closest he's really going to get to a tender caress. "It's okay, Isplourr."
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It's a long few minutes before he pulls away, this time, although it's with an almost-smug smile on his face.

He can't believe this, still. How weirdly right it feels. How unlike any time before this is, so much so that it creates an almost unsure feeling in his belly. Doubt. Some worry, all new emotions - or at least new in having to deal with relationships.

So he covers by slipping out of bed, stretching again, and turning back to Isplourr.

"Shouldn't stay in bed all day."
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"That's true," Rial admits, turning to pad quietly out of the room. "But I'm hungry."

And this, sadly, is not the kind of hunger that can be satisfied by staying in bed longer.
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He's moving around quietly, making caf, glancing at the chrono and raising his eyebrows when he confirms that yes, it is the afternoon. After a moment he turns back to watch her and almost manages to stifle the smile of amusement in seeing her wear his robe.

"I'm not sure that fits, my countess."
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Rial putters around a little more for a few moments, and then checks the caf. There's a niggling sense that he's doing something wrong in the back of his head.

It takes almost five minutes of staring intently at the machine to figure out what it is.

Slightly sheepishly (not that you'd know it to look at him) he goes to the cupboard and snags another mug and spoon, putting them down on the counter next to his own. It takes time to remember that he's doing things for two, now.
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Rial stiffens instinctively as her arms go around him, then relaxes slowly and frees one arm to awkwardly pet her hair.

"Hey, hey. What's wrong?"
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So he stands there, and he holds her, and maybe it feels a little more right then he was expecting.
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Rial lets her go - he doesn't cook really well and the breakfast smells really good, so he'd really rather it not burn. Except then she takes off the robe and his eyebrows go sharply up.

It's. Well, it's not like he hasn't seen her naked (in fact, he's seen her naked most of today already) and it's not even like she's fully naked. It's just when she's not thinking of anything but the task at hand she seems to move more easily, less like she's hindered by her own skin.

And damn but she is one fine-looking lady. He settles back against the wall and crosses his arms in front of his chest, a slow grin settling across his face.

Might as well enjoy the view, eh?
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"That looks suits you." Rial's still watching her thoughtfully, grinning. She's evidentially noticed, now, given that her movements are far more self-conscious, but she's still absolutely beautiful.

"You should wear it more often."
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The grin just gets wider at the blush, and Rial pushes himself off the wall to come and stand behind her, one hand on her hip and the other tracing a little pattern on her back, one that tugs on the back of the bra lightly.

Not making any noise, smile fading somewhat to a look of almost hesitancy, he continues to trace little loops and whorls on her skin.

"Isplourr," he says finally, but he's not exactly sure what it is he's supposed to say so he just finishes there.
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He makes a noise in his throat, low and helpless. He doesn't know what to say. He knows what he wants to say, but he doesn't how to say it or even if he should.

I love you.

So he holds her a little tighter, ducking his head down next to her ear and murmuring "Nothing, my countess."

Nothing at all.