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Mirrorverse AU

Isplourrdacartha steps through the door first, wearing the less formal gown that she had changed into for the reception. Her arms are toned and a simple necklace with a purple stone hangs in the hollow of her tanned throat. Her shining red hair has been wound into a crown about her head, and she has a gorgeous purple flower tucked into it.

She looks around the spartan royal apartments as she steps farther in, seeing her new home for the first time since she'd married their current occupant, who is only a step or two behind her. The windows are open to the warm night air, and the sound of the nightbugs chirping several stories below can be heard.

She's smiling.
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Rial is as well, although perhaps less brightly, a softer, more satisfied kind of smile. He's resplendant in a dress uniform, a broad red sash desplaying the crest of the planet slashing across his chest.

It's been a rather nice evening, he thinks. So far.

"Do you like the apartments, Isplourrdacartha?"
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He's already had something to drink, in fact, a few somethings, so he's more relaxed, quicker to smile and to laugh now then he has been ever before.

"I might have something tucked away, somewhere. Was that a subtle hint?"
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"As you wish, milady." The cupboard is opened, and Rial rummages through the meagre contents, finally extracting a half-empty bottle and two cups.

Wandering out onto the balcony, he glances at her.

"I like the view, out here."
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"I stayed away too long," he says, and although his voice is as cool and calm as always, there may be something else there. Something warmer.

Pouring Isplourrdacartha a glass, he drinks from the bottle, staring up at the stars. He misses them, some nights.
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He glances down at her face, a half-grin twisting up the edges of his mouth. "Oh. I don't know, I just don't usually have company here. Old habits."
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She's - mm. Yes. Getting quite close. Rial clears his throat, half-shifts away. "Ah...I suppose I will, yes."

A quick drink from the bottle.
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"Syian." He relaxes slightly, gaze going back to the stars. "Uh, Syian the Wise, right? His knowledge helped bring peace to the people, and as a reward, he was let up into the stars when he died."

Rial likes the old lore, and still half-remembers it, bits and pieces from when he was young.
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He points, squinting down his index finger.

"That's Charre and Mirket, and right next to them there - see the tail - that's Arganete."
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Rial stiffens when she leans on him, hesitates, and then shakes his head as if to clear it. It's fine. She just wants a look at the stars, yeah?

"That there, that little line of stars going up in a big swoop, see?"
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"Yep. Famous lovers, actually, and their faithful, magical thak."

Old, old stories, but still his favourites.
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"They are, aren't they?" He smiles faintly, still watching those stars. "They seem different, you know. When you're up there. They're not stars anymore, as such, they're just...things."

A quiet sigh, a long drink.

"And then you come back down to the world and they're all brand new."
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He nods, silent, bottle hanging loosely from his fingers, staring at the stars with regret open on his face, longing to be back there. To be somewhere other then the ground, somewhere free and away from the politics, the anger, the millions looking to him for answers.

But he's tied here, heart and soul, so that he thinks maybe when he dies he'll be a constellation, way up high, watching his planet forever.
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What she gives, he cannot take.

Rial remains where he is, silently standing with her, her hand on his cheek, face to face, for a long, long moment. It feels right. It feels comforting, and perfect, and it's where he wants to be. His eyes slide shut.

And then, just as quickly, they snap open and he wrenches himself away, leaping back. The bottle shatters on the stone of the balcony as he half-runs backwards four or five paces, stopping to put his hands up as though warding something off.

"I can't," he says, and the frustration (at her, at him, it's hard to say) is clearly evident in his voice. "Countess - Isplourr - I'm sorry, I cannot."

And then he's gone, sweeping into their quarters, the bedchamber door hissing shut.