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[OOM] Simulator Room

Plourr may be on vacation -- (vacation; the word is still a foreign one, but this is the first break she's gotten since well before she left the Rogues, and she isn't about to begrudge herself it) -- but that doesn't mean she won't take any opportunity possible to fly, even if it's in a simulator. When the grand entrance of the country estate opened on Milliways rather than the front gardens, she'd grinned broadly and stepped right through.

Thus, upstairs in the simulator room, a pilot-turned-empress sits in a sim with the seat cranked back and the curtain drawn open, her hair pulled into a loose braid and a once-lovely flower forgotten and drooping behind her right ear. She's tan and her cheeks are awash with color, as is the norm these days, and she wears a loose tunic with the sleeves rolled up, wide-legged trousers, and her favorite battered boots.

Grinning from ear-to-ear, she sends the little image of 'her' X-wing into a tailspin through the space battle.

This is the most relaxed she's been in what feels like years.

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"You look like the pink-cheeked wife of a dirt farmer on some backwater planet." Aeryn said by way of greeting.

It was, in fact, the longest sentence she had said all week. Not intending to see Plourr for a while...she didn't know if the surprise was pleasant or not, there was a lot going on in her head.

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"Frelnik." The peacekeeper grated back, any real venom lost from her voice when she stepped to the side of the simulator.

"Why do I think he tried it anyway?" Wes never had any notable level of common sense; it was a fair assumption.

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Not smart enough by half
. Aeryn shut down the train of thought before it could properly complete itself. It was a habit she was glad of. Don't think, get the job done; survive.

"Suicide mission?" Queried with a raised eyebrow, gaze still fixed on the screen. As her eyes traveled downwards over the bump and back up again to rest on Plourr's face, she frowned slightly.

"Heard about your offer. You're serious?" As if she'd known Plourr to be anything but.

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"There might come a day when I need that offer. Just the weapons, nothing else."

Her meaning was clear, especially when she didn't break her gaze. No matter what happened Plourr wasn't to get involved. She wasn't expendable anymore. Her war was over.

"I --" She shut her mouth again quickly, words straining at her throat. There was going to be a war. But she wasn't going back to her timeline...she was going with John. He simply couldn't be allowed to leave alone, again.

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"I think you need to clean your boots." She nudged them with one of her own, a brief moment of contact when their legs knock together. She still felt that little electric jolt around Plourr, that sense of connection and she doubted that would ever change.

But it wasn't the same. They were both glad of that; moving on. It had been a long while since she'd considered such things.

"John went back. Without me. He returned, but I feel..." She shook her head, mouth clamping down firmly over clenched teeth. A soldier didn't talk about feelings, they weren't important and the subject was too awkward for her to continue with.

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"Discouraged." She used the word with care, raising her eyes again; meeting the battle challenge with one of her own.

She wouldn't admit defeat or anything further, nothing of the kind, simply that one word. She would never add the obvious description of her feelings, the one neither of them would bring up. She felt afraid. Death was a battle she couldn't fight and John's heroism was something she couldn't prevent.

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"He wouldn't stay." John Crichton. Astronaut. Explorer. Great frelling saviour of the Galaxy. One thing she would never understand, was why he had to make everyone elses problems his own.

You fight for a cause, you think it's right and one day you realise how damn wrong you were. Better to take care of you and your family. Let other people handle theirs.

"In the closet, I mean." No gay jokes, please.

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You've spent your whole life thinking it's going to be one way, you never prepare for the eventualities. What if you fell? What if you found something you needed, more than you thought was possible? You'd just have to be stronger then; you couldn't afford mistakes.

"He's so much. So much more than I ever imagined." If she had ever dared to imagine; even soldiers dream.

John was the type of person she'd always thought of as weak. Naive, gullible, a fool by any account. She loved him. The very heart of her, the very soul; even soldiers have soul.

"I care about him a great deal." She could bare that part of herself to Plourr. Plourr had gotten foolish, Plourr had fallen. She had broken the code of strong women and let a tiny bit of weakness invade her heart. They both had.

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A curt nod. The moment had passed and like all soldiers, the mask went back on. You fight and die, showing your own feelings only as much as you need to. It was how to survive.

"I feel like shooting something." Aeryn clapped a hand on Plourr's shoulder. That she could admit.

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"Volunteering?" The left side of her mouth lifted in response; a cocky smile aimed at the other pilot.

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"Disappointing." The soldier teased, her eyes lingering on the well-muscled arm.

"I never get to practise on a moving target."

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"You're too slow to be worth it." A fast change of mind as she moved to the door, flashing a too-innocent smile at Plourr.

"Practically waddling." You'd never catch Aeryn Sun like that. Not even with foreshadowing!

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"The truth is painful." She intoned with a barely muffled laugh, breaking into a slow jog to avoid the beating Plourr certainly planned to administer.

Just like old times.